Our son Wyatt and daughter Cami.
Our son Wyatt and daughter Cami.

I was born and raised in Blaine, MN- a suburb just north of the city. As a child, I spent a good deal of time writing and "publishing" books made from cardboard and forcing my younger sisters to be students in my pretend classroom. I decided to make that a career (the teaching part, not the forcing part). After graduating with a teaching degree from the University of MN, I spent the next 16 years teaching students in grades kindergarten through eighth. While this experience has given me plenty of writing material, my true muses are my two children, Cami (8) and Wyatt (5).

I have just published my first book "Cami Kangaroo has Too Many Sweets!", which will be a part of the "Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too" series and am currently visiting local schools, selling the book on Amazon and working on the next book in the series.

I live just north of Minneapolis in East Bethel with my husband Will, our two children and our anti-social cat Jasmine.