Book 1

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Cami Kangaroo loves sweets. She can't stop thinking about them. Even after Mommy catches her locked in the playroom eating out of a bucket of ice cream, she still finds ways to sneak them when her parents aren't looking. What could possibly go wrong? Based on true-life stories of the author's own daughter Cami, this book will have you and your children laughing, as well as learning a valuable lesson right along with Cami. 

Book 2

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Cami Kangaroo loves stuff! Rocks, shells, feathers, toys...she loves them all. She collects them, sorts them and builds with them. There's only one problem: her room is so messy that it's nearly impossible for her to find things! Will she ever be able to figure out how to be more organized? 

Follow along with Cami in the funny and relatable second book in the Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too series as she tries to find a way to keep her treasures from taking over her room! 

**My name is Stacy Bauer. I am an author, teacher, wife and mother of two. Over the last nine years, my daughter Cami and son Wyatt have provided my husband and I with a lot of laughs. I have shared those stories with family and friends on social media, and heard over and over again: "You should write a book!" Last year, I took the plunge and followed my dream. 

Thank you so much for your support! It means the world to me and my family. 

**Attention teachers! Enjoy FREE dental health lesson plans with purchase of Cami Kangaroo! Just fill out the form and submit! 

FREE dental health lesson plans are available with purchase of Cami Kangaroo! Fill out the form to request. Contact me with any questions. Thank you and enjoy!