Marketing. The word that many self published authors loathe. The word that sends us silently screaming into our pillows every day. Myself included.

I wish I could sell more books!
I need to find my audience!
I need to tame the Amazon ads beast!

Sound familiar? This was me not so long ago!

4 years ago, when I started my journey as a self published author I had NO idea what marketing was. I knew nothing. I was a teacher, not a business person. But I learned. I read, watched, attended, paid, played and tested. I have tried pretty much every type of marketing out there.

Then I created a self paced course to help YOU learn what I learned.

It's my best selling course, so I decided to give out a limited number of $100 off coupons this week only.

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This course has everything: Amazon ads, events, school visits, Kickstarter campaigns, Facebooks, Instagram and more! Over five hours of videos. The best part is, once you purchase it, you'll have it forever. You can watch it when you have time. And you can go back and watch it again and again. It'll never go away! Reach out to me during and after with questions.

Here's the course! Use the code 100OFF to get $100 off at checkout!

And, as promised, here are 5 things you can do RIGHT NOW to up your marketing game!

On Instagram: find a meme that's relevant and valuable for your audience. Post it, along with a short comment about why it resonates with you. See my example HERE. Learn more about Instagram marketing HERE.

On Amazon: Go incognito on Google, get into Amazon and look up your book. What other books does Amazon recommend? Are there any "also boughts"? Target those books in your next Amazon ad! Don't know how to create a "book title Amazon ad"? I recently hosted a webinar showing tips and shortcuts for this particular ad. Contact me if you're interested!

On email marketing: Send an email today to share something interesting about yourself and your book(s). "Did you know...??" Ask them to respond to your email with something fun about themselves. Enter those who respond to win a book!

On Facebook: Post a photo of yourself and your book in a group- either a community garage sale group or a group that holds your target audience. Ask for feedback. See my example HERE.

On social media stories: Do a fun engagement post. Create a poll, ask a question, ask for a vote etc. Don't know how? Learn more about Instagram stories HERE.

What's your best marketing tip? I'd love to hear it!

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Use the code 100OFF to get $100 off at checkout!
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