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Hi, reader!

Do you want to sell more books? You CAN do it!

But...you need to invest in yourself.

Don't think of yourself as just an author. You are a businessperson!

Ask any businessperson how they became a success and they'll tell you:

*it can take years to make a profit (the average is 3-4 YEARS)
*You HAVE to take risks and INVEST in yourself!
*You HAVE to have a business plan!
*Do your research! Who is your competition? Who can help take some things off your plate? Who is your target? What are successful authors/businesspeople doing that you can do?

You CAN do this! But not without putting in the time and money! If you need help...ask! Search groups like this one for topics you need to learn about. Read the posts from people who know what they're doing. Take classes/webinars from people who are selling books!

The first photo is me 4 years ago. I was a teacher, mom and newly published author who didn't view herself as a businesswoman. The second photo is me now. I am an author, but more importantly, I am a businessperson! I have sold over 70,000 books and started my own publishing company. I have spent a LOT of money and time learning the business and now teach other authors the business too.

Let me know how I can help you!

Here are some things going on this week:

Introducing a course that will teach you everything you need to know about publishing! Whether you've published before and just want a brush up OR you have an idea for a book and no idea what to do next (I've been there), this workshop is for you!

In this interactive 2 hour workshop, you will learn everything there is to know about publishing a high quality book that you can be proud of!

*traditional vs. self publishing- which is best for you?
*the self publishing process- step by step
*choosing the right people to partner with (editors, illustrators, designers etc)
*when and how to start marketing
*launching your book with a bang
*the cost of self publishing- what to expect
*finding your target audience and how to share your book with them
*print on demand vs. offset printing
and more! Plus a Q&A session!

I'm so thrilled to offer this, that I'm going to run this one twice--->>>
Wednesday 1/18 at 10 am CST and next Saturday 1/21 at 2 pm CST.

If you can't make either time, I HIGHLY recommend signing up anyway so you can get the templates, slides and recordings! PLUS, sign up now and get half off- once it's added to my website, the price will double.

Are you in?? Click HERE to join!

My January one-on-one consulting special discount is almost over. Sign up here to take advantage of this limited-time deal!
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