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I've had so many people reach out to me interested in learning ads, that I've been thinking a lot about how to teach you without overwhelming you- with time, content and money.
I've come up with a weekly class that I think will work really well for people- those who've run ads in the past that haven't worked, those who are completely new to ads and those who want to learn "my method" of optimizing/scaling up.


*60 minutes/week via zoom

  1. Optimizing your metadata (that's your info in the "back end" of Amazon- keywords, categories, description etc. Even if you haven't published your book yet or if you already HAVE published books, this will be useful to go over/learn. Amazon uses this info to find your target audience)
  2. Automatic ads
  3. keyword ads: coming up this week!
  4. Product/category ads
  5. optimizing ads- analyzing the data!
  6. scaling up- getting more sales, spending less!
*Sessions will be recorded if you can't make it live or have to miss one.

Buy them all at once for $150 total. This will include live invites, the recordings and slides.
Buy them one at a time for $29 each. This will include live invites, the recordings and slides for the classes you purchase.

We are currently on class 3- learning all about keyword manual ads! If you're interested in joining that class, please reply to this email. If you want to sign up for any other classes in the list, reply to this email!

It's not too late to get the discounted price for all 6 classes- reply to get info about that.

One more class coming up this week:

ALL ABOUT REELS! I'm super excited for this one, because I'm co-hosting with Kristal Leon, virtual assistant and social media marketing expert! She has increased my social media engagement 1000%+ since I started using her last year! She will be at the webinar with me as we discuss:

*what reels are
*how to make them
*how to post
*how to increase engagement on them
*how to use them to increase your following and sell more books!

Interested? Sign up HERE.

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