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Amazon ads are tricky! I've been studying them for 5 YEARS (wowza!) and I'm STILL learning. Read on to hear about common mistakes sellers make when using Amazon ads...

I wanted to get even better at Amazon ads, so a couple of weeks ago, I took 12 different training classes and became Amazon ads certified! YAY! Always looking to improve and learn.


Our first 6-week Amazon ads work group is coming to an end already! It went really well- a lot of learning was done and a lot of fun was had!

In fact, it went so well, I'm going to start over with another group the week after next (the week of March 20)!

If selling on Amazon is part of your sales plan, you'll want to learn Amazon ads!

The details:

*Weekly sessions: Mondays 9 pm CST or Thursdays 9:30 am CST (your choice)
*Everyone gets the replay videos and slides.
*Small group.
*Intensive (we do NOT waste any time!)
*Hands on (we will look at your data!!)
*$29/class OR a discounted one-time fee of $150/all 6
*Everyone who signs up gets a coupon for 25% off an hour consult with me!

For more info, please fill out THIS FORM.
COMMON AMAZON ADS MISTAKES SELLERS MAKE (and yes, I have made all of them!):

1. Your product page is not optimized/retail ready. Amazon is all about the shopper. If you are getting clicks on your ads, but no sales, it means your product page isn't closing the deal. This will eventually cause your ads to stop working. Things to look at:
  • Is your book competitively priced?
  • Is your look inside feature activated so customers can see a few interior pages?
  • Do you have at least 15 reviews? Need more reviews? Check out my webinar HERE.
  • Are you in relevant categories?
  • Does your description HOOK the shopper and SELL your book?
  • Do you have relevant and highly searched keywords in the backend of KDP/seller central?
2. You're not sending traffic to Amazon. Your ads will NOT run if you have no traffic going to Amazon. Whether it's through social media, email marketing, in person events or other ways, you need to be sending traffic there!

3. Your book cover doesn't look professionally done. You NEED to have a marketable product. You could have a wonderful story, but if your cover looks unprofessional or it's hard to read, it's going to be harder to sell.

4. You haven't found your target audience. Who is your ideal target shopper? Who needs/wants your book? Make a list and use that list to figure out relevant keywords for your ads.

5. You didn't have an aggressive launch/marketing plan. This happened to me- and it's hard to recover from, although it is doable. About a month before you launch, start making a plan! Need help? Check out this webinar or book a consult with me!

We will talk about all of these common mistakes (and more) in our Amazon Ads work group. Hope to see you there!


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