Cami and Wyatt Practice Patience (paperback)


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Cami and Wyatt can’t wait to go fishing with their family…

but their patience is tested when nothing goes as planned. From lost bait to snagging trees, the kangaroos have trouble staying calm and keeping a positive attitude.

Kids of ALL ages will enjoy this funny and relatable book.

Parents, teachers and social workers in particular will appreciate the gentle suggestions that inspire and empower kids to practice calming down and being patient.

Join Cami and Wyatt in the fourth book of the Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too series, as they try to find a way to have fun, even when there are hurdles to hop over.

8.5×8.5 paperback book

40 pages

Perfect for ages 3-9, reading level approximately second grade

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3 reviews for Cami and Wyatt Practice Patience (paperback)

  1. Whitney

    This is the 2020 book I didn’t know I needed. Replace the canoe with our house and fishing with day-to-day life and this is a story about practicing patients through quarantine.

    One thing that I adore about these books, and especially this one, is that while the title may say that it’s about Cami and Wyatt learning a lesson, the reality is the parents are also being reminded of the importance of patience. It’s such a good reminder that parents aren’t perfect either, and we could all do with taking a deep breath before we snap at each other.

    These books have become favorites in our home, and I’m quite happy to add this one to the collection.

  2. E.A.

    This book was a fun and great read that I can’t wait (says impatiently, lol) to share with my children. I found it extremely relatable, since we have just started taking fishing trips as a family and so far the fish have remained out of sight. I loved how the book focuses on what you can do when you get impatient and on the importance of being nice to each other and forgive each other when we become impatient and are not so nice. A truly valuable lesson for all families!

  3. Lynn

    What a really great message about patience. I know it’s for kids, but I also find the story speaking to my own impatience. The grand kids really enjoyed the story. They love (the idea) of fishing, so it was a great to keep them interested, while providing a chance to discuss patience.
    I’ve loved the whole Cami Kangaroo series and this is not exception. It feels like Berenstain Bears for the modern age.

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