Encouraging and inspiring others to get out there and take steps to change the world!

Young Change Makers is a 7-book series featuring over 80 kids/young people taking action to change their communities in positive ways.

This series is sure to inspire kids, teachers, and parents alike. Through hearing the compilation of remarkable true stories of real kids, others can feel encouraged to make their own positive impact in the world. This book would make a wonderful addition to any elementary school classroom library, or to a child's home book collection. Definitely a gift for anyone who would like to inspire young ones to know that kids can make a difference.
Shannon Olsen
Teacher and Best-selling author

You're never too young to make a difference!

This is the message we’re hoping to spread with our non-fiction book series Young Change Makers. Each book in the series features REAL young people from all over the world who are doing things to bring positive change in their communities and chasing their dreams!

We need more children’s books that celebrate differences! Children learn about individuals who are different from them by reading diverse books like these, which encourage inclusiveness, empathy, and respect for all types of people. This series is perfect for families and teachers looking to add inclusive books to their libraries.

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YCM 7 Hardcovers
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Author Stacy Bauer

Hi! My name is Stacy C. Bauer! I’m a mother, wife, teacher, publisher, and children’s author from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My series Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too stars Cami and Wyatt, two little kangaroos learning to navigate the world around them.

About a year ago, I took a hard look at my kids’ bookshelves (and my classroom library) and realized how few books give our children the heroines and heroes they need— diverse protagonists that are courageous, just and wise, and whose actions have contributed to change in the world. I also wanted to use my author voice to inspire kindness and hope. An idea popped into my head and into my heart: to write about real kids doing things to make a difference! I started researching and was amazed by what I found. As I read about these kids, I was uplifted and inspired by their stories. I realized how much I wanted to share them with the world!

To find and verify the stories, I went right to the source: the young people themselves and their families. I spent hours interviewing each young change maker and their families, reading articles about them, and doing research on their websites. I took great care to make sure that the stories and illustrations were accurate.

Happy Readers

Mommy & Teacher
What a great book about amazing kids that are changing the world!
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These books need to be in EVERY SCHOOL AND CLASSROOM AROUND THE WORLD! What a great addition to the series of young change makers.

These kids and the stories about the way they are helping make our world a better place is simply inspiring! I can’t wait to read the next one!
A book that brings hope to all!
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Every once in a while you hear about a child making a difference. It’s easy to think of that one child being an outlier, a protege unlike other children. But what Stacy Bauer has done here- compiling so many of them together in one place- it paints a different picture. When read together, diverse collage of young hope-bringers show young readers that anyone can be a change maker, regardless of their location, race, age or ability.

Changing the world is not an unattainable goal! By the time you are done reading this book, you’ll not only feel inspired, you’ll have a long roster of clear steps you can take to help make the world a better place. This book is an obvious choice for a classroom, but don’t discount its value for adults as well. Children are not the only ones who need to listen to the powerful voices of the next generation.
Amazon Customer
Beautiful, inspiring book
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You are never too young to make a difference! This was the message flooding the pages of this beautiful book. The first of a 7 book series, this book highlighted 12 inspiring kids making a real difference to their communities and the world.

Full of beautiful illustrations, fun facts and information on how kids at home can join in and make a difference too, this book is a must-have for any personal library. With everything going on in the world, it’s wonderful to have a book that highlights all the good being done on a daily basis. We need more books like this one, so I’m glad it’s the first of more to come in this series!
A great inspiration for littles
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We loved this book! My kid (Age 9) is already inspired by several of the kids we read about. We are looking into joining some of the programs listed and my kid is inspired to start something too. So many ideas came up after reading each story.

I would recommend reading one story a day and giving time to develop and discuss the ideas that follow. We read it all at once and too many ideas came so we will reread and work on developing each idea or at least trying to discuss further to help guide more thorough thought process. Can’t wait to get the rest of the series!!

A Complete Lesson Plan

Promote comprehension and help your readers make connections and think more deeply about what they’ve read with these engaging lesson plans. There are two levels that can be matched to the reading level and learning needs of each child.

The activities that follow are primarily based on the information your student has already gathered and added to the comprehension chart. At that point, you can pick and choose activities that best suit your students. You could choose to use a few activities or all!

Children will be inspired and encouraged to make a difference too as they read and learn about these young people, while at the same time learning important comprehension skills!

The activities are based on the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts for grades three through five.

Choose your bundle

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The Complete Package

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  • 8 Math & Reading Activity Pages
  • 7 Hardcover Books
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A series that will engage and inspire kids!

5 p Lesson PlanStacy
Motivate. Educate. Differentiate. Those are words I live by and this book reflects ALL of them! Sit down and read this book with your kiddo- you will BOTH be inspired. Looking forward to more from this series!
Pam Olivieri
School Curriculum Designer
12 Coloring PagesStacy

Coloring pages included in The Complete Package!

The perfect activity for kids to engage with the characters from the books. 

Stacy C. Bauer does a fantastic job of telling the stories of these inspirational young people. She presents both their work and personalities in a beautifully illustrated and well-researched book to inspire more kids to take action. The world needs books like this. I couldn’t put it down!
Sarah M. W. Maston
Inventor & Founder of Project 15 from Microsoft
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Stacy C. Bauer
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