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As a self published author, it’s so easy to think you’re not getting anywhere. Some of the roadblocks I’ve dealt with in 2019 include Amazon shutting off my ads, dealing with delays at the printer (3 times), Amazon raising the price on my books, no one showing up at author events (awkward), Amazon doing something else annoying, being rejected by ___________ (schools, local shops, 4 Barnes & Noble stores, friends and family, influencers, reviewers, award programs etc)…and more.

Remembering the wins is why I don’t give up.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a teacher and a mom. When I first decided to publish a book, I had no website, no Instagram, no author FB page, no marketing experience, no money, no idea how to __________! (there’s a complete list of what I had to learn on my blog)

It takes me 5 times as long to teach myself things as other people. I feel like an idiot at least once/day.  It took me HOURS (DAYS) to figure out how to use mailchimp to send out a group email, how to set up a subscriptions on my website, how to use Instagram, how to set up shopping on Facebook, how to use kickstarter and how to use Amazon ads. But because it takes me FOREVER, when I do figure it out, it’s that much sweeter!!!!

I spent 2 hours last night creating my 2019 highlights. I didn’t do this so that any of you would feel bad; I did it to encourage us to keep going. Some days I get pushed back a few steps and other days I have a win. But, you know what? It’s better than sitting on my dreams and doing nothing.

If I can do this, anyone can! How did I do it?

I set my goals, research until I figure out the answers and I don’t give up! I can’t say this enough: get involved in the author community by supporting other indie authors. It costs you nothing to download their free books and leave reviews, like and comment on their posts, encourage them and give advice and feedback. Whatever you give in support you will get back more!!!! I say this from experience.

Want info about how I…

*launched 2 successful kickstarter campaigns

*market my books

*do author events

*do school visits

*use social media

*have gotten so many IG/FB followers

*use free kindle promo days

Check out my IG/FB and this website. It’s all on there!

Feel free to ask any questions and carry on! Here’s to 2020!



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