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60 tricks and tips for publishing and marketing your books!

I have been a published children’s author now for 2 1/2 years and I’m STILL learning about marketing! I am taking new courses, attending webinars and watching YouTube videos pretty much nonstop. Sometimes, it just gets overwhelming- there is SO much information out there. I don’t want to waste a …

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Practice Patience

“Patience is a virtue.” How many of you heard that when you were a child? Or maybe you’ve said it before! My mom said that to me many times when I was young. I’ve struggled with patience my entire life. I do believe people are born with a certain “patience” …

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New Year = New Mindset

What were your major accomplishments in 2019? What are you most proud of? What are your goals for 2020? When I asked my kids at dinner tonight what their favorite memories from 2019 were, my 7 year old son Wyatt responded with “today!” (We visited an indoor aquarium and he …

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2019 Highlights

As a self published author, it’s so easy to think you’re not getting anywhere. Some of the roadblocks I’ve dealt with in 2019 include Amazon shutting off my ads, dealing with delays at the printer (3 times), Amazon raising the price on my books, no one showing up at author …

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