We did it again! · Stacy C. Bauer

Thanks to over 400 pledgers, along with countless others who encouraged me, shared my posts and inspired me along the way, my second kickstarter campaign was a success! Have you always wanted to become a published author? Do you have another creative idea that you would love to see come to life? Thinking about doing a campaign to kick start your project? Here are some things I did to make my second kickstarter campaign a success:

1. START RESEARCHING EARLY! Search successful campaigns and take notes about what worked well, contact campaigners with questions, look at their author FB pages to see what they did during their campaigns. Search “kickstarter” in FB author groups and read kickstarter’s website hints/tips.
2. START BUILDING THE EXCITEMENT EARLY! (In my experience, at LEAST 2 months in advance.) What I did last year when I was a brand new author: created an author FB page, created a blog website, wrote a blog about how I always wanted to become a published author, emailed it to my entire personal email list, posted it to my brand new FB page, invited all of my friends to my FB page and then shared to my personal FB page. From there, I started posting illustrations and little tidbits about my kids. I then announced that if people subscribed to my website, I would give them first dibs on an early bird discount. This time around, I already had 800 FB followers, 900 IG followers but only about 80 website subscribers, so I created a survey monkey about the book and got 440 subscribers by advertising the early bird discount. Both times, this early bird discount deal got me over $1000 that first day! I really believe that if you get that running start, you will succeed!
3. FIND YOUR FANS! Both times I ran kickstarters, I had a group of 10-15 “superfans” that would like/comment on my posts.
4. CREATE A CAMPAIGN PLAN! Do a variety of things to engage your audience and keep things moving along: contests, giveaways, updates, FB live appearances, illustrator spotlight, new illustration reveals etc.
5. PUBLICITY! Talk about your campaign (don’t be shy!), create business cards, flyers, or magnets, contact local media to get publicity (I got 3 newspapers and 2 TV appearances), post in every group you can think of (I did mom groups, author groups, teacher groups, garage sale groups, personal FB, author FB, previous backers, personal email, work email, author email, website subscribers, IG, IG influencers and more). Make sure you’re actually involved in groups you post in, otherwise you just look like a spammer.
6. SUPPORT OTHER KICKSTARTERS AND AUTHORS! I did a lot of cross promotion with other kickstarter campaigners and supported them all! The more you give, the more you get and I love to support fellow authors!!!!
7. FIND YOUR AUDIENCE! Last year, my audience included dentists, so I called, emailed and visited local dentists! This time, my audience included people interested in minimalism and organizing. I got a few IG influencers/bloggers to post and I posted in Marie Kondo groups.
**What didn’t work well: Running FB ads: I got clicks but not one single pledge. Hiring promoters who email you when you launch to help you: I used one of them last year and didn’t see any return. Posting in groups where no one knows you. I have over 1000 IG followers but haven’t figured out a good way to get IG to work for me.
**Most importantly: Express your gratitude abundantly and with enthusiasm! Be your project’s biggest fan! SELL your campaign in a way that inspires people and makes them WANT to support you! Help others succeed! Give advice and support freely and you will receive it back tenfold!

To all of my fans/backers/family/friends/supporters: Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Without you, none of this would be possible. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of you. xoxo

**If you didn’t get a chance to preorder a personalized, signed copy of this book, you can still do so here for a limited time: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cami-kangaroo-has-too-much-stuff/x/18024799#/

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