Oh so many exciting things! · Stacy C. Bauer

Other than when I became a mom, this past week has been the craziest of my life! I picked up my published books last Friday, started school visits on Monday, listed the book on Amazon, had an amazing book launch party at Hans’ Bakery on Thursday and mailed/delivered the 323 books that were preordered through my kickstarter campaign. Then today, Cami and I delivered the book to the local library and my sister saw my book on display at a local book store! You may now purchase my book on Amazon (it says it’s out of stock, but it’s not- you can still order!): https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999814109?_encoding=UTF8&redirect=true

Or, if you’d like an autographed, dedicated copy, you may purchase it from my publisher:


Thank you again for all of your support in helping to make my dream of becoming a published author come true! More updates and posts are on my Facebook author page (click the Facebook icon at the top of the page).

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