Press check at Bang Printing! · Stacy C. Bauer

Not sure if it’s because I’m a teacher, but I’ve always loved learning new things. Today, I got to drive 2 hours to the beautiful Minnesota city of Brainerd (which I’ve never been to before) and do a press check at Bang Printing. An employee of Bang took me on a tour of the plant where I learned all about the printing process- there is a LOT more to it than I thought! The first thing we saw was my book cover, which just happened to be printing at the exact time I got there!

After that, she took me to see the first sheet of illustrations and I got to watch the machine print them. We checked over the illustrations and made sure everything looked good.

We then went on a tour of the rest of the plant: saw the folding machine, the gluing machine, the machine that makes the hardcovers for the books, the machine that cuts the pages, the machine that sews the binding (I’m sure these aren’t their correct names ha!) and much more!

Bang Printing has been around for over 100 years- I am so proud to use a Minnesota company to print my books.

The tentative “due date” for my books is May 8. You can preorder one up until that date! Next up for me: school visits lined up from May 10-June 6 and my book launch at Hans’ Bakery in Anoka on Thursday, May 17 from 5-8. Hope to see you there!

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