For authors: How to have successful school visits! · Stacy C. Bauer

For authors: How to have successful school visits!


Want to learn more about school visits? In this webinar, I teach you:

*Why I do them.
*How I got started.
*What I do during them.
*How I sell my books through them.
*If/how much I charge and why.
*How I market them.
*How I find schools.
*How I book them.
*I even show you the slideshow presentation I created and the email I send out to schools!

With this purchase you’ll receive:

*The recordings from my webinar.

*The slideshow/notes from the presentation.

*My order form/email template.

*The ability to ask me anything after watching the videos.

“I can’t believe how much I’ve learned for the money I spent. So worth it!”

“This webinar taught me SO much about school visits. I’m so glad I watched these videos.”

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