Young Change Makers Book 1: Making a Difference



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Kids around the world are doing extraordinary things to make a difference and they want you to know that you can too!

Making a Difference is the first book in the new, inspirational nonfiction children’s book series Young Change Makers. It is filled with stories of kids who are making the world a better place by following their hearts and chasing their dreams. Whether planting a billion trees, bringing joy to others through music, fundraising for sick children or starting an inclusive dance team, these determined youth are using their talents to do amazing things!

Packed with beautiful illustrations, color photos and interesting facts, these inspiring stories prove that you’re never too young to make a difference!

Each book in this series includes:

  • 12 young change makers from around the world.
  • Fun facts about the change makers.
  • A map showing where they are from.
  • The 12 young change makers’ signatures!
  • Information about how they made their dreams a reality.
  • Ideas on how YOU can become a change maker too!

Get your copy today and be inspired to change the world for the better!

“Motivate. Educate. Differentiate. Those are words I live by and this book reflects ALL of them! Sit down and read this book with your kiddo- you will BOTH be inspired. Looking forward to more from this series!” – Pam Olivieri, School Curriculum Designer

“This series is sure to inspire kids, teachers, and parents alike. Through hearing the compilation of remarkable true stories of real kids, others can feel encouraged to make their own positive impact in the world. This book would make a wonderful addition to any elementary school classroom library, or to a child’s home book collection. Definitely a gift for anyone who would like to inspire young ones to know that kids can make a difference.” – Shannon Olsen, teacher and best selling author

“Young Change Makers: Making a Difference is revolutionary in that it identifies the initial motivations for each change maker that started them on their journeys to make change in the first place. This shows the average kid reading this book that everyday struggles and circumstances can lead to extraordinary change making over time.” – Dante Plush, Director of Youth Engagement and Outreach Giving Tuesday

“Stacy C. Bauer does a fantastic job of telling the stories of these inspirational young people. She presents both their work and personalities in a beautifully illustrated and well-researched book to inspire more kids to take action. The world needs books like this. I couldn’t put it down!” – Sarah M. W. Maston, Inventor & Founder of Project 15 from Microsoft

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4 reviews for Young Change Makers Book 1: Making a Difference

  1. Arlene

    Amazing and inspiring series!

  2. Will

    This is an exceptional book about the wonderful children who make a difference in our world today. It should be a regular find in every child’s library. Wonderful illustrations too.

  3. Kathleen

    This book is so awesome! I love all of the details in this book: A map where the child is from, both an actual photo and an illustration of the child along with the story, the fun facts list and the “How you can become a Change Maker” section and finally, I love the advice that the kids give. I looked forward to reading each story. I love how it covers so many different change makers and so many different ways that they are making change. I think this is a very fun book to learn both inspirational and useful information.

  4. Amy

    You are never too young to make a difference! This was the message flooding the pages of this beautiful book. The first of a 7 book series, this book highlighted 12 inspiring kids making a real difference to their communities and the world. Full of beautiful illustrations, fun facts and information on how kids at home can join in and make a difference too, this book is a must-have for any personal library. With everything going on in the world, it’s wonderful to have a book that highlights all the good being done on a daily basis. We need more books like this one, so I’m glad it’s the first of more to come in this series!

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